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Below you will see a diverse collection of projects that showcase my ability to transform ideas into visually striking printed materials. From annual reports, brochures, menus, to marketing ads and flyers, each design is crafted with attention to detail and deep understanding of brand identity. 

NYULH Sustainability Report
NYULH In the Community 2023
NE Booklet
Ferrari Financial Folder
St. Johns Booklet
Liver Transplant Mailer
Heart Transplant Mailer
Tabari Postcard
Zorns Print AD
Mohans Spring Mailer
Mohan's Holiday Mailer
Zorns Winter Ad
Zorns Autumn Ad
Zorns New Year Ad
Manhasset Sports Booklet
Long Island Plastic Surgical Group Booklet
La Bella Menu
Ginos Menu
Iavorone Dine-in Menu
Carmine Dine In Menu
Porto Bella Menu
EXP Folder
ELM Business Card
ELM Sticker
Covid Floor Graphic 2.jpg
Empro One Pager
Great Neck Dental Arts Stationary
Blue Island Homes Stationary
JCC Program Brochure
Summer 2019 Program
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